fixing old Fedora Core 4 repo list

I was working on an older Fedora Core4 server box for a customer. I found that the yum repo’s were broken already. I think the repo sources have been moved and the yum app just complains of not able to find some .xml file or something like that. I was actually trying to install bandwidthd, but all the dependencies were giving me flashbacks of “rpm hell”. If you’ve been around long enough to the pre-yum, pre-apt, pre-up2date era.. you’ll know how hard it is to install programs and find out that your missing a few dependencies and it goes on and on……

I had to disable all the repo’s that  came with the server in /etc/yum.repos.d

cd /etc/yum.repos.d

grep “enabled=1” *.repo

replace all the “enabled=1” with “enabled=0” for all the repo files that had them. this will stop yum from looking at these repos. there should be a faster way to do this but i just edited them by hand.

vi /etc/yum.conf

added this, and saved changes..

name=Archive Fedora Repo

Now yum should work as it is now pointing to the archived installer of Fedora Core4. Note that i had to manually find the link via google and drilling down the directories to find the correct OS version. I saw alot of “older” linux OS versions at the site.. just in case you need to get to work on a different linux flavor. might save you some hair pulling 🙂

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  1. Steven P says:

    Thank you!

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